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Kunal Patel

Senior Advisor

Kunal Patel is the Chairman of LATEP Holdings whose subsidiary companies include ‘Power and Water’ – a high-profile emerging technology corporation that develops innovative power generation and water purification systems – as well as financial services, retail, security, technology and real estate.

Kunal is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded his first successful business in real estate fund management after graduating with an honors degree in Economics from UCL. He is a Senior Level Board Executive with strong strategic and operational experience; His Non Executive roles include, consumer credit business – VitVo, luxury watch brand – Alexandre Meerson, marketing and business development agency – Adoreum Partners, fashion house – Felder Felder and film production company – Western Edge Pictures.

Kunal is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and financial acumen. He motivates and empowers his teams to meet the needs of a business, it’s customers and stakeholders. Politically aware, with proven negotiation skills, he has led significant change management and business turnaround projects.

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