Shefaly Yogendra Thought Leadership Breakfast

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On the 24th April we held a Thought Leadership breakfast at 12 Hay Hill with the wonderful Shefaly Yogendra who is a true thought leader. Shefaly shared her thoughts on digital and tech leadership and governance, organisational growth, risk, and decision making.

Shefaly Yogendra is a portfolio board director, with special focus on digital and tech leadership and governance, organisational growth, risk, and decision making. Shefaly also serves as a trustee of Beyondme, an independent governor of London Metropolitan University, and a non-exec director on the board of the LSE-listed JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust. Earlier in her career, she was the co-founder of a new and high jewelry start-up in London.

Shefaly built her career in corporate venturing in the technology industry, followed by strategy advisory to investors, regulators and leaders of operating companies on strategic investment in emergent and regulated technologies. She is also a mentor on IndieBio, a synthetic biology accelerator in California and an Executive Mentor at Blooms Club London, and was listed among the “100 Women To Watch” in the 2016 edition of the Female FTSE Board Report. She is a popular speaker with experience with a wide range of audiences including founders, CXOs and board directors. In her talks, she draws upon her experiences of living and working on three continents, as well as her knack for story telling with research evidence and humor.

Our favorite quotes included:

‘’Emerging technological disruption has given rise to an existential moment for the luxury industry but also an opportunity for meaningful governance and authentic leadership.’’

‘’Strip away what you are not until you are left with what you are!’’

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