Adoreum Club Breakfast on Neurodivergent Entrepreneurship at The Old Sessions House

On Tuesday 7th February, we were delighted to catch up with new and old friends at our Adoreum Club Breakfast at The Old Sessions House. It was brilliant to return to Adoreum member, The Knotel Workclub – at The Old Sessions House – after our fabulous Christmas Party we held there in December. The morning consisted of delightful food and thought-provoking conversation around Neurodivergent Entrepreneurship.

Many thanks go to our brilliant panel – Christopher Kenna, André Skepple, Bianca Tavella and Charles Black – for leading our discussion into destigmatising the myths surrounding neurodiversity in business. The panel touched on an abundance of insights into neurodiversity within the workplace and it was brilliant to see our guests so engaged with the discussion. A prevalent point that was highlighted by the panel was that we don’t need to use labels or put people in boxes due to the way they think and learn. We should celebrate each other’s differences and recognise there is no normal. Here are a few takeaways from the discussion:

    • Ensure young people know that being neurodiverse and thinking differently is not a hindrance, but a positive. Thinking differently allows us to move forward. We all strive to solve problems in an innovative way. Neurodiverse people are brilliant at this – encourage it. Find people that are different and ask them to solve the questions no one else can.
    • Nurture and encourage those that think outside the box for they are paving the way to tomorrow. Shine a light on the fact some of the most successful people on this planet are neurodiverse entrepreneurs; Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Bill Gates name a fewEncourage the youth to thrive to think differently; imagine ideas and businesses they could create one day and view entrepreneurship as a career option.
    • Open your hearts and minds to a neurodivergent person’s way of thinking – empathise with them and find the similarities between you both. Try to understand the world through someone else’s eyes.

Finally, communicate; communication is the fundamental element to improving awareness. We must be open and start the conversation, inspire others to discuss their differences and be proud of them. We are grateful to our panel and our guests for playing a part in this discussion and striving to do more.

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