Adoreum Club breakfast with Clerkenwell Health at Home House

On Tuesday 15th November, we held an Adoreum Club breakfast with Clerkenwell Health at Home House. 

George McBridge, the Co-founder of Clerkenwell Health, delivered a brilliant and intuitive talk about the benefits of psychedelics within the medicinal sector, and particularly, how these compounds can be used to help those suffering with mental health and behavioural issues. After the initial boom into psychedelics-based research in the 1950s, for those working within this industry, our present times hold vast potential. This is due to the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ that is sweeping across the UK, US and Europe, causing research to be at an all-time high. Established in 2020, Clerkenwell are firmly making their mark within the field, and have achieved a great deal in the past two years. This year alone, they have raised over £2 million to fund their project, sourced a team of specialised researchers and built their London clinic. They are now at the apex of their journey with the London clinic set to treat its first patients by the end of this year. 

It was brilliant to see so many of the table engaged with the topic, and the Q&A was extremely interesting. A question raised was “what can we do to help Clerkenwell?” Explained below are a couple of ways in which Adoreum members could do so: 

  • Clerkenwell are currently looking to launch trials across PTSD, alcohol misuse disorder, depression and adjustment disorder for end-of-life cancer patients. They are keen to educate people about the potential impact of these trials and are looking for charities and patient support networks which would be open to hearing more. 
  • Clerkenwell are also hoping to open a second clinic in the North of England and would love to reach out within the Adoreum network to anyone that could support with site identification or contracting. Not only are Clerkenwell looking to expand within the UK, but the US too. They are imminently making their first scientific advisory submission to the FDA and are searching for trial site opportunities within the US.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you might like an introduction to George or the team at Clerkenwell to offer your support in any way.

Our sincere thanks go to Adoreum member, Home House for hosting such a wonderful morning. It was a pleasure to be amongst friends in this beautiful setting, especially with the stunning festive décor! 

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