Computer Aid is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to closing the technological divide. On the 27th of May we hosted a breakfast event at The Berkeley with Computer Aid which featured an informative and eye-opening talk from Keith Sonnet, Computer Aids CEO, and Adoreum Senior Advisor, Dominic McVey who is also the Chairman of the Board at Computer Aid. The breakfast got everyone talking about how they can better manage their e-waste and brought awareness to the seriousness of the technological divide, especially during COVID.

One way that Computer Aid work towards their goal is by providing the technologically deprived all over the world with access to sustainably sourced and affordable refurbished computers. Not only do they provide the technology they also provide computer training to teachers so they can pass these skills on to students.

Alongside providing computers to those who need them Computer Aid’s work also helps to massively reduce e-waste. Instead of accepting monetary donations they predominantly accept IT donations of old and unwanted tech, they work with big companies such as Seimens, Sony Pictures and AstraZeneca to recycle and reuse all of their tech that would otherwise go to waste. The donated tech can be used in multiple ways, it can be refurbished and used in one of Computer Aids Solar Labs, it can be sold to other non-profits for a discounted price to help fund Computer Aids many projects. Or it will recycled sustainably if it is no longer usable.

Over 20 years Computer Aid has brought access to technology to over 14.5 million people in their mission “to build a world where everyone has equal access to technology”. You can find out more about the many extensive Computer Aid projects on their website linked below. If you would like to donate you can also do so below, it might also be worth having a dig through your drawers to see if you have any old and unwanted tech that Computer Aid could give a new lease of life for someone who really needs it! Thanks again to Keith and Dom for their great talk and for working with us on this Adoreum Club Breakfast.

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