Adoreum Club Breakfast with Dominic McVey


On Wednesday 19th June we held our monthly Adoreum Club Breakfast at The Court with guest speaker Dominic McVey.

Dominic started his business at the age of 12, importing micro-scotters from the US to the UK. At the age of 15 he was a millionaire and was worth £10 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List. Dominic now runs a portfolio of businesses in a range of industries including fashion, music, media and cosmetics. It was fascinating to not only learn about what it means to be an Entrepreneur but also what it means to be a business leader in this age. At the forefront of Dominics approach to business is a global workforce. He believes as an employer he has a huge responsibility to ensure that everyone he employs is looked after and treated fairly. In the words of Dominic himself remember that “we need to drive change and not just on the ground but also in the industries we work in.”

A big thank you to the team at The Court for hosting us in their incredible new space. The recent opening of the club has had us all very excited and we are delighted to provide our members and friends with a preview of the space.


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