Adoreum Club Breakfast with Dr Sneh Khemka at M Victoria.


On Tuesday the 25th of September, we hosted our September edition of the Adoreum Club Breakfast series at M Victoria.

We were honoured to welcome our good friend, the talented Dr Sneh Khemka – President of International Population health solutions (IPHS) at Aetna International, radio doctor, expedition doctor and philanthropist.

Sneh joined us to share his personal journey and experiences within the healthcare sector, NHS as well as the top 10 challenges we face globally within the industry. A topic that resonates with us all and certainly provoked a lot of thought amongst those in attendance.

The breakfast was sponsored by A Singular Life, who are working with rapidly evolving technologies including augmented reality, holograms and artificial intelligence together with the traditional creative skills of artists, photographers and storytellers making it possible for the first generation to pass on more than a financial inheritance.

A big thank you must go to Dr Sneh Khemka, A Singular Life and M Victoria who provided us with a spectacular dining space and breakfast menu.

And remember, in the words of Mark Twain- “ The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not”.



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