On 1st February our Empowers community came together at the Sloane Club to discuss how we can better cultivate self-love with guest speakers, @geetasidhurobb@jennifer_schneider_co and @laurafullerton.
The panel covered a broad spectrum of practices around self-love, including top tips around how we can manage stress, anxiety and fear using mind, body and soul practices.
Our top three takeaways included:
* The largest area of nerve endings in your body is on the bottom of your feet. Grounding yourself is a brilliant way to alleviate stress and centre the body.
* Don’t say you don’t have time to do the things you really want to do. Revolve your schedule around things that you love doing. Start building your weekly calendar by carving out time for yourself, your friends or your family. Everything else can fit around these activities. 
* Feel good by dressing in a way to fit you. Pick out a point on your body to act as the centre for your outfit for example, your waist. Everything you consequently buy will always fit together. 
And from us, we think that a brilliant way to cultivate self-love is by helping others. This was a point raised by one of our lovely guests, Mary-Rose Gunn. 


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