“Steve Jobs creativity, appreciation of beauty, or empathy for the user’s needs is what made him Steve Jobs. Being obnoxious and annoying is what took away from it, his masculine side.” – Mo Gawdat.
We were blessed to be joined on Tuesday 13th June for an Empowers breakfast with guest speaker, @geetasidhurobb, who spoke on how to lead like a woman. A group of incredible female business leaders came together at @homehouselondon to enjoy breakfast, listen to Geeta’s wisdom and learn how to lean into our divine feminine sides. 
Some key takeaways included: 
🗣Your goal is to be trusted and respected, not liked.
🗣Success has a price, it should not be your body.
🗣Leaders be, they don’t do. 
Thank you Geeta and those that joined us for a fascinating morning.


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