Adoreum Investor Breakfast with Mintus

On Thursday 17th November, we held an Adoreum Investor Breakfast with Mintus at Old Sessions House.

Our thanks go to the founder of Mintus, Tamer Ozmen, and Bevan Duncan, COO at Mintus, for talking us through ‘How to Own the Unownable,’ by investing in iconic artwork. As an investment proposition, artwork of this calibre has historically been limited to a handful of well-connected and extremely experienced art investors. Mintus looks to change this by turning high value, blue-chip art into an investable asset class by removing all structural limitations, cost friction and barriers to entry. 

There is the option to directly invest into the paintings, minimum investment is $3,000 per investor per painting. And Family offices, Private Banks or individual investors can invest through a Luxembourg-based vehicle, which offers diversified contemporary art exposure. The fund allocates capital to all the artwork on the Mintus platform and distributes capital to its investors as the paintings are exited similar to a private equity fund. Institutions, or investors that invest over $5m can coordinate private events during the worldwide tour or host the collection for a period at their preferred venue subject to insurance.

If you are interested in investing and becoming an owner of the iconic paintings on the Mintus platform please reach out to and we will be pleased to connect you to the team. 

It was great to see so many of our guests engaged in the topic, and brilliant to listen to Tamer discuss the niches and peculiarities that come with working with such astonishing pieces of art. One striking point was the disparity between the $2.5 million price of Andy Warhol’s portraits in which Warhol is looking up, compared to the mere $400,000 attached to the paintings where Warhol is looking down.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Old Sessions House – the charming and stunning location of the new Knotel Workclub. It was brilliant to connect with friends old and new in this truly breath-taking building. We look forward to returning!

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