On Wednesday 28th April, Adoreum Club members were treated to a VIP virtual tour of the ‘Crafting a Difference’ exhibition at SoShiro Gallery guided by founder and Creative Director of the gallery, Shiro Muchiri, and celebrated curator of contemporary objects, Brian Kennedy.

SoShiro is an incredible hub, craft and design gallery set across five-floors in Welbeck Street, W1. SoShiro produce and create collections inspired by global cultures to introduce underrepresented aesthetics and cultures into the design world, bringing together contemporary design with traditional craft.

The show ‘Crafting a Difference’ forged an unprecedented relationship with five London-based contemporary craft and visual arts galleries to bring together an ambitiously diverse selection of work in ceramics, glass, metal, textile, plastic and wood. Not only did they have makers from Kenya, France, Spain, Japan, Argentina, China, UK, USA, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Brazil, Scandinavia, Chile, Korea, Iceland, Vietnam, but a wide mix of materials and methods were explored.

Their intention was clear: to illustrate that now, more than ever, the process of creation, is undeniably a deep-rooted, unifying force.‘ Crafting a Difference’ at SoShiro gallery, was a positively defiant act of coming together at a time when so many have been forced apart.

The tour was truly sensational and the art even more mind-blowing. Guests were left speechless at the creativity and wonder of SoShiro gallery. We can’t wait to visit the space in real life.

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