Adoreum Thought Leadership Breakfast with Somi Arian


On Thursday the 8th of November, we held our final edition of the Adoreum Thought Leadership Breakfast series for 2018 in the beautiful Postilion Room at The Langham Hotel.

We were delighted to have the talented Somi Arian, Founder and Director of Smart Cookie Media, with us to share her new documentary “The Millennial Disruption”. The documentary was interesting and informative and sparked great conversation amongst the ladies in the attendance.

The Langham outdid themselves once again by hosting us in a picturesque space and offering a delicious breakfast spread. A big thank you must go to  them as well as to Somi for sharing her documentary and finally to our sponsors, Global Accounting Network, who specialise in helping a diverse range of interesting businesses secure the right finance leadership and build high performing finance teams and Newcomen Partners, who provide a new approach to Non-Executive hiring within the Start-Up and development stage market, now also including the SME space.

Somi has left us with a lot to contemplate and specifically with the following quote: “The speed of change that we are experiencing now is the slowest it will ever be. It is impossible to stay ahead of it and it is pointless to try and fight it. Technology has found a life of its own – but humanity still craves stories and genuine connections. Find your unique audience, get to know them deeply and think about how you can give them value, consistently. That’s the human formula that will always work, even in the age of machines.”

Thank you to all of those in attendance and we are looking forward to kicking off the 2019 Adoreum Thought Leadership series in January.



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