Adoreum hosted an Upskills session with Uncertainty Expert, Sam Conniff ( – serial entrepreneur, founder of “Livity” and “Don’t Panic”, and author of the bestselling book, “Be More Pirate”.

Described by Forbes as ‘one of the sharpest thinkers on the planet’, Sam kindly hosted an interactive session for Adoreum Club Members on “how to deal with uncertainty”.

Sam takes a look beyond one-dimensional leadership, instead seeking guidance from people with real-life experience of successfully turning uncertainty into opportunity.

He upends “business as usual” by igniting a rebellion at work; rehumanising systems, rethinking capitalism and radicalising approaches to sustainability and the climate and ecological crisis. He says, “The leaders we need are there – they just need waking up.”

Key quotes:
* “The most valuable thing we have is the time between tides – we think it is dead time, we feel like it is scary time, but it is where we find out who we are and what we’re supposed to do.” – Inmate, Carl.

* “Uncertainty is the only condition where things are more pliable.” – Karl Lokko, former gang member from Lewisham turned successful business leader.

* “There is something about uncertainty which stimulates our consciousness. When everything is in formation, we are operating on autopilot.”

* “Fear can become a motivator and the uncertain ‘fog’ we find ourselves in now allows for risk taking and can lead us out of stasis.”

* “We need to leave our comfort zone and position ourselves in our ‘stretch zones’ in order to personally develop. What do you find most fearful? This fear is your stretch zone.”

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