Bazaar ‘At Work Summit’

On Monday 21st November, we attended the Bazaar ‘At Work Summit’ at the beautiful Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel. It was an illuminating day filled with discussion between inspirational and pioneering women who are leading in their chosen field. 

Topics discussed spanned from ‘The Power of Persuasion’ to ‘The Art of Thinking Big,’ as well as an immersive and interactive workshop on how to maximise your personal impact at work led by RADA business’ Kate Walker Miles. 

Dina Asher-Smith, the fastest woman in the UK, spoke to us about how she copes with the immense pressure that builds at the start of each race. Dina’s tactic is to focus solely on one aspect of her performance, whether that be her first three strides as she comes out the blocks or her arm movements throughout the race. Once the mind concentrates on one point, all other innate parts will fall into place. Although few of us regularly find ourselves at the start line of the 100m sprint – let alone at the Olympic Games – Dina’s advice can be aptly applied into our working world. By prepping well, and having faith we have done enough, we can take a step back, concentrate on one aspect and know the rest will come together. 

Another point that resonated was from the first panel, ‘The Power of Persuasion,’ in which Pippa Lamb, Emma Sinclair and Vivien Wong gave their advice on how to tackle difficult situations for a woman in business. Remembering that ‘no is not always personal,’ and learning how to view step backs as a route towards further success and innovation is integral. 

It was a real treat to attend this Summit, and wonderful to be there with so many of our valued members. The day sparked a plethora of lively and positive conversation, and we loved connecting with lots of inspiring women. 

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