On Tuesday 26th January, celebrated UK-based wildlife photographer Graeme took us – virtually – behind the scenes, on his journey to create the ‘Eight Feet’ collection.

Graeme has spent the last 20 years travelling to Africa to capture its wildlife. He makes his own equipment in order to shoot wild animals up close in their natural environment, creating truly unique images.

In an attempt to create unique images of our most iconic mammals, all images in the collection were captured from within eight feet of the subject – a challenging and ambitious endeavour.

In 2018, Graeme published “Eight Feet” – a 72-page hard-bound book printed in Ireland, featuring timeless black and white monochrome prints –

Alongside selling his prints and books, Graeme organises safaris, and invites clients to join him to learn the art of wildlife photography.

He captures authentic images that intimately connect the viewer to animals in the wild. We were privileged to gain a private viewing of his work up close.

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