On Thursday 7th October we were lucky enough to hear @janeelondon and @carolrussell2 talk about their book ‘Invisible to Invaluable’ describing their fight to unleash the power of middle aged women. We listened to Jane and Carol’s own experience of explicit ageism and how this led them to the realisation that what middle aged women bring to the table is both unique and powerful.

We listened to excerpts from the book from Jane and Carol, who explored an intersectional approach to mid-life women, considering gender but also race. They also told us inspirational stories of ordinary women, reminding the room that it is never too late to start a new career.

Jane and Carol then asked questions to each other and also took questions from the room. From here, they delved into the steps that need to be actioned to ensure that middle aged women are not swept to the side in the workplace. It became clear that the active inclusion of middle aged women within the workforce was a benefit to everyone, men and women, young and old alike.

A huge thank you Jane and Carol for sharing what can certainly be called invaluable wisdom to the audience. Also thank you to the team at Lab E20 for hosting us in their beautiful venue designed by @christopher.raeburn.

Feeling so grateful to be following in such inspirational footsteps that have fought for us, the generations of women behind them, and continue to do so.

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