This week our consultancy division were honoured to work in collaboration with @guerlain to be the first team to host an event @wardianlondon Observatory space in Canary Wharf – one of the highest bars in London!

The property, developed by EcoWorld Ballymore, is inspired by one Londoner, the great explorer Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward who is responsible for transforming Canary Wharf into the commercial hub it is today.  A doctor by trade, he become one of the world’s great innovators with the design of his Wardian case. 

A tightly sealed glass vessel that allowed ships to preserve and transport exotic plants.  This allowed the UK to welcome tea from China, rubber from Brazil and vegetation as far away as Australia. At Wardian this case inspired much of the botanical influence you see in the structures of the building which now houses over 100 species of exotic plants from around the world. 

The event celebrated Guerlain’s Orchid Imperiale skincare range.  A formula developed using the properties of one of the most highly developed species in the plant kingdom – the orchid – a true phenomenon in longevity.

Queen in the plant kingdom with its 30,000 species, the orchid is a fascinating flower playing with time. It possesses prodigious cellular longevity mechanisms, enabling it to bloom for years. Its beauty remains intact, as on the first day. Some even live to be a hundred years old!

For more than 15 years, Guerlain has been searching for the orchid’s secret of longevity. This is why it created the Orchidarium®, based in Geneva, it is the first research centre ever dedicated to studying the biological and cosmetic properties of an ingredient.

Orchidée Imperiale anti-ageing products combine high regeneration, high sensoriality and high naturalness for visibly more beautiful and younger skin, for time to come. So don’t mind us rocking up to our next meeting with you looking better than ever!

Guests were welcomed with a glass of Runiart, enjoyed on the Observatory terrace, which wraps all sides of the 53rd-floor space and boasts a spectacular view across London.

Once seated the party enjoyed a botanical-inspired lunch with wine pairing, and a talk by Guerlain’s National Beauty Expert, Olivia Davey.

Each attendee was generously gifted samples of the Orchid Imperiale range and a bespoke, personally engraved Rouge G lipstick. Its case endorsed with Swarvoski crystals in an adorable heart design – hard not to love these details.

Enormous gratitude goes to Wardian London for the privileged use of their outstanding space. If you wish to learn more from Guerlain or EcoWorld Ballymore we are happy to provide introductions.

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