On Wednesday 15th September, we experienced the long-awaited Modern Affluence Summit at Soho Works. During the half-day summit, speakers and panels discussed a wide range of topics surrounding the theme of rethinking the definition of affluence.
Becky Galea kicked off the morning with a comprehensive look at the trends shaping consumer behaviours using the insights from sponsor Deloitte’s digital insights and research team. @deloitte
The next panel ‘Deconstructing the Decade’ looked to the future to understand the possible implications of the changing affluent consumer to the economy. The panel delved into the vast array of industries that will be shaped by changing affluence. @liambaileyresi @chloefranses
A huge element of the new modern affluent is their focus on becoming sustainable consumers. With the term ‘sustainable’ often thrown around, the next panel delved into what this really means for businesses. A really though-provoking talk ignited by some fantastic panellists, who really knew their stuff. @tiakansara @cgorellbarnes @matteoatti

The next panel discussed self-exploration versus implicit status symbols, a really insightful look into how luxury is now beginning to be understood and expressed differently from ever before. By speaking the language of the next generation of affluence, will allow businesses to discover the opportunities out there. @thefuturelaboratory @ning.dynasty @emmanuellawal @seedlip_ben @hardlyeverwornit
Adoreum’s own Chris Kenna led the next talk on the diversity of affluence. There was no messing around, as Chris reminded us that ultimately brands need to get real and wake up. Huge, lucrative customer bases are being ignored by brands at their own peril, through a lack of commitment to meaningful diversity. @chris.kenna 

Finally, we were taken to the metaverse, an unknown concept to much of the audience. As a parallel universe has opened, made up of the likes of NFTs, blockchains and crypto-currency, our last panel enlightened us on how this metaverse will shape the digital lives of the modern affluent consumer. A new realm of possibilities is being discovered, with digital Gucci bags being sold for more than a real one, a fact that shocked many in the room! @katherinetemplarlewis @thekarina_a @stephantual @prashtag @outlierventures
After an intense day of fascinating conversation and in-depth discussion, it was time for lunch and a drink. This provided some downtime for the audience to discuss the day and share their own thoughts on modern affluence.
The Modern Affluence Summit was certainly a huge success all-round, a great event put on by @modernaffluenceexchange , so do check out their page to find out more. And, on behalf of Adoreum, a big thank you to all the sponsors, speakers and attendees for making the event a reality. @porsche_gb @deloitte


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