Thought Leadership Breakfast with Gillian Walnes

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On the 2nd June, Adoreum welcomed Gillian Walnes, CEO & Co-Founder of the Anne Frank Trust to our Thought Leadership Breakfast Series.

During the breakfast, Gillian shared her story of how the Trust grew from starting in her small sitting room in Dorset to a team of 35 based in various regions spread around the country. Taking their inspiration from Otto Frank, the Anne Frank Trust’s mission is to draw on the power of Anne Frank’s life and diary to challenge all forms of prejudice and hatred, and encourage mutual respect for others. This is achieved by taking exhibitions about Anne’s life and times to towns and cities all over the country in addition to working intensively in schools and prisons. The Trust educates, inspires and influences over 30,000 people a year with Anne Frank’s captivating story.

The Anne Frank Trust works alongside holocaust survivors such as Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s step sister who is an Ambassador and regular speaker for the Trust and previously worked with with Miep Guies and Otto Frank prior to their deaths. By working directly with Holocaust survivors and sharing personal legacies, the Trust’s message is both extremely powerful and poignant.

For more information about The Anne Frank Trust, take a look at

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