Yesterday, we hosted breakfast at Home House to mark the release of The Future Laboratory‘s latest white paper: The Chemistry of Connection: Creating Positive and Impactful Value from Network Communities. You can download the paper here

In this inter-Covid era, we recognise and acknowledge more than ever, the essential need for human connection in our lives. From a professional perspective, relationships between individuals and brands are a fundamental part of the work we do. Beyond this the individual personal relationships we form, in work and at play (or best when both are combined), have gone some way to shaping our world and its outlook.

Authored by Martin Raymond – Futurist, Journalist and co-founder of the Future Laboratory explores the concept of network communities in our current time…

Why, the best networkers ask the wrong people, the wrong kind of questions. How weak ties are our new strong tie links. That engineered serendipity should be the norm. And understanding the best networks are about unfettered reciprocity.

It explores why good marketeers are moving away from so called broadcast platforms or moments and are instead seeking niche ones. How successful businesses are taking the ideas and innovations of their brands, products and services and successfully launching them into the early majority mainstream using networks.

The report also takes a deeper look at the high numbers of engaged creative, cultural, and entrepreneurial individuals within these groups, how they have progressed by necessity over time, and the importance we all, as influential individuals, should consider when reflecting on our own network.

Featuring collective insight and experience from; Ana AndjelicAnna JonesVictoria StoyanovaRichie Notar, alongside Adoreum CEO, Marcus Watson who shared how he has built Adoreum ‘on the interconnected ideas of compassion and reciprocity’, in the belief that ‘power is unlocked through meaningful connection, kindness, a sense of mutuality and fun’.

Special thanks to, Ben Whattam COO of Keko Group for his marketing expertise in chairing the session.

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