Code of Conduct


As a private members club, we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our members. We expect all members to conduct themselves in a way that upholds the values of our club and ensures that all members feel respected and safe.

Our values:

  • Compassionate

General Principles

  • Respect: Treat all members, staff, and other users with respect. This includes refraining from discrimination, harassment, or any other form of abusive or offensive behaviour.
    Civility: Behave in a civil and courteous manner. This includes avoiding loud or disruptive behaviour, using appropriate language, and refraining from personal attacks.
    Responsibility: Take responsibility for your actions and be mindful of the impact of your behaviour on others.

Specific Expectations

Online Conduct:

  • Maintain a respectful and professional tone in all communications.
    Avoid using offensive or abusive language.
    Do not engage in spamming or sending unsolicited messages.
    Do not share personal information about other members without their consent.
    Be mindful of the privacy of others and avoid using online platforms for personal conversations or activities.
    Do not post or share any content that is hateful, discriminatory, or illegal.

Offline Conduct:

  • Be dressed appropriately for the venue hosting.
    Avoid smoking in designated non-smoking areas.
    Refrain from excessive intoxication.
    Respect the property of the club and its partners and its members.

Respect for Others:

  • Treat all members, staff, and other partners with respect and courtesy.
    Avoid any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.
    Refrain from using offensive or abusive language.
    Do not engage in any behaviour that is likely to cause discomfort or distress to others.

Guest Policy:

  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.
    Guests must adhere to the club's rules and regulations.
    Members are responsible for any charges incurred by their guests on the club's online platforms or physical events.

Reporting Misconduct:

  • Any member who observes or experiences any form of misconduct is encouraged to report it to a member of the club's team.
    All reports of misconduct will be investigated promptly and confidentially.

Consequences of Violating the Code of Conduct:

  • Any member who violates the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including:
    Verbal warning
    Written warning
    Temporary suspension of membership
    Termination of membership

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