Dominic McVey

Senior Advisor

Dominic is an award winning business leader and entrepreneur who was recognised by the Her Majesty the Queen as a pioneer in entrepreneurship at the age of 18 for his role in the initial boom of micro scooters in the late 90s.

Dominic is a member of the Advisory Council for the Coalition for Global Prosperity and a trustee for Computer Aid International who’s initiatives support the missions of the sustainable development goals (SDGs.)  He has previously served as a trustee for the Royal Chartered charity the Landscape Institute.

He further serves on the board of Ghana focussed Ethical Apparel Africa and software provider Accloud Plc. which empowers trade in developing countries.

Dominic is the former Chairman of Hela Clothing and driving force behind the award winning garment manufacturer which has facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.   Recognised widely for its sustainable and ethical practices, Hela directly employs almost 15,000 people from local communities and generates in excess of $200m USD in revenues.

Dominic is a notable speaker on business ethics and entrepreneurship and serves as an advisor to governments, think tanks and world leaders.

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